Friday, May 30, 2014

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Consulting the Dentist for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a terrible disorder that doesn’t just irritate people sleeping in the same bed with you; it also raises the risk of being diagnosed with other illnesses. It is characterized by lapses in breathing due to obstructions in the airway. Treating them will require the services of a reputable dentist in your community, who can recommend oral appliance solutions.
A check of oral appliances for sleep apnea will reveal that there are at least 80 such devices out on the market. A considerable bulk of them are so-called mandibular repositioning dental appliances, which are designed to move your jaw forward, while others are tongue-retainers. Their goal is to push the tongue back from the airway and clear up space for breathing.
Despite the preponderance of oral appliances, they cannot be sold over the counter. Instead, your dentist must evaluate the level of sleep apnea to warrant oral appliance usage. Factors will include the number of breathing pauses per hour, enlarged tonsils, or excess throat tissue. Oral appliances are only recommended if you were found to have mild or moderate sleep apnea. Severe cases may warrant using oral appliances along with continuous positive airway pressure devices.

You need a clear path to breathe deeply and increase comfort in your sleep. Your dentist may also help with other options to cut the sleep apnea danger.    


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